This is a media sampler reel for renowned psychiatrist Vivian Shnaidman, MD with bits of her appearances on television and in films. Produced by


Dr. Vivian Shnaidman interviews Rohan Sharma, Young Adult Speaker for NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness)/Rapper on Breezin' with Bierman. Rohan discusses his struggle with Bi-Polar 1 Disorder.

Dr. Shnaidman is forensic psychiatrist , author/speaker, and "Chief Medical Corespondent" , for Princeton TV's ; Breezin with Bierman Laura Doyle was great wife material-until she actually got married. When she tried to tell her husband how to be tidier, more romantic and more ambitious, he avoided her.

Adam Bierman, Kurt Tazelaar, Raya Arbil and Dr. Vivian Shnaidman discuss political party conventions, police shootings, black lives matter and other current topics

Guests include Raya Arbiol, Todd Parker, Loren Lepre and Vivian Chern Shnaidman


The Income Brothers talk about the Chinese manufacturing industry. Guest Dr Vivian Shnaidman talks about her transition as an attorney to forensic psychiatry. Her experience lead to several publications.

Guests include: Vivian Chern Shnaidman, Chief Medical Correspondent for Jersey Forensic Consulting, Alzheimer Activist Michael Ellenbogen and Fashion and Lifestyle Expert Raya Arbiol


Vivian Chern Shnaidman, MD wrote Forensic Psychiatry: A Lawyer's Guide, published by Elsevier, to help lawyers understand their psychiatric expert witnesses. video by