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Vivian Shnaidman, MD

The interface of psychiatry & the law


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Evaluation & Treatment

Psychiatric evaluations, reports, and court testimony for all legal matters. Treatment, including prescription medications, for various psychiatric disorders. Psychoeducation for attorneys and allied professionals.

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Expert Speaker

Dr. Shnaidman is known for her appearances on TV as an expert and is available for bookings for live events. She has provided expert testimony in over fifty published court cases, and writes both fiction and nonfiction.


Landmark Cases

A sampler of well known official forensic psychiatric cases and Dr. Shnaidman’s personal experiences in the world of psychiatric evaluation and treatment.


New Patient Form

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Specialized Services:

  1. Criminal Profiling
  2. Jury Selection
  3. Threat Assessment

Training and Psychoeducation:

  1. Psychiatry for Law Enforcement
  2. Psychiatry for Lawyers and Judges
  3. Psychiatry for Social Workers
  4. Mental Status examination
  5. Customized training